Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Great Food Shoot Out

What the hell is a Great Food Shoot Out??? That's what I thought as well. Well, let me explain. It's a food photo challenge. Food porn photographers are asked to upload their best food or cocktail photos to win some sort of prize. The contest is being run by Scripps Network. They own networks like Food Network, DIY, HGTV, etc. The winner is chosen based on online voting and/or a judging panel. I read the official rules and it didn't say what the prize was. I'm hopping it's a DSLR so winners can continue to take wonderful photos, but something in me is thinking it will be a signed cookbook by Rachel Ray. Lame.

I uploaded 10 photos so we'll see how I do. I checked out the competition and was not too impressed so far. Most were unimaginative and blurry. It didn't look like they had ever heard of macro digital. Photos are able to submitted for another 13 days. I have a trips to Orlando, Chicago, and DC this weekend and DC and Chicago again the weekend after. That's two weekends of trips and food porn shoots. I'm hoping to get a few more entries in before submission closes. Voting runs from July 1-13. I'll be asking for your help so I can win the Rachel Ray cookbook (which I'll recycle)!


  1. oh, my! this looks like fun! good luck!

  2. gahh! i been busy~ they will come at some point. sorry!