Sunday, June 7, 2009


After a long week of work, nothing sounds better than a weekend away with the girls. My girls and I headed up to the Pocono's where a friend had a house a short walk to a lake. Stocked with wine, beer, food to grill, and the movie Twilight, we were ready! Weekend of relaxing and girl time!

First thing's first, we need to crack open the wine! Only problem was we forgot a corkscrew. After some digging in the garage we found one of those things you can screw into a ceiling and hang plants from. With that and three strong girls we opened the wine! With our powers combined... we are... a corkscrew!

Romantic fondu dinner

Hello yummy cheesy goodness.
After a good night's sleep we walked over to the lake for some sun. We saw this guy on the walk. It was walking around the trees and we thought it was a turkey. Then it did bounded around and flew up on the roof. We realized it wasn't a turkey after all... I think we determined it was a vulture? I'm not sure....

The water was cold! But felt so good to dip our feet in. Yes, I know my legs are super pale. They have some color now I swear!

Water snake!

My friend's family kept old school Nintendo! Super Mario Brothers anyone?

Need I even say more?

BBQing for dinner! A fun weekend! Will be back before the summer ends!