Sunday, May 31, 2009


Some friends and I headed up to Boston to visit a friend for the weekend. Boston is one of my favorite US cities. That is if you are visiting from Spring to Fall. I call Boston a great family city. It's cute, very clean, and a great city if you have kids. But remember, only Spring to Fall. I refuse to go in the Winter. This is true, just ask my friend Heman.
We got lucky with the most perfect weather we could have asked for. Strolling all around Boston and just enjoying being outside. We walked around an Earth loving/environment awareness festival which was quite good. Lots of free food being handed out. Unfortunately, I have no photos of it due to the extreme hangover.

Wen saw this fountain in the middle of Boston Common. It's of two kids playing. Don't you think that's a bit inappropriate?...

What's the best thing for a hangover? A brewery tour!

The door to the ladies room. Hey, us ladies love to drink!

The guy poured right from the whatever that thing is called. Does it get any fresher??? Than this???

The beer helped my hangover. I'm serious. Scary huh?

I took a walk down Commonwealth and then over to Marlborough while everyone else was getting ready. It was so nice outside with the sun shining, a slight breeze, and the sounds of birds chirping. I'll be back Boston!

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