Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hiram's for hot dogs

I've been living in Fort Lee for 8 years now, but never been to Hiram's. Crazy, I know. And to think I'm a huge hot dog fan! Well, Finally after 8 years, I'm trying Hiram's. Something to know about this hot dog spot in Fort Lee. Right next door, there used to be Callahan's. Callahan's was another very popular hot dog joint that was known to have better hot dogs deep fried in the same fashion. Callahan's closed down a few years ago and now stands a Bank of New Jersey.
It has the hole in the wall feel that I love.
They've been around for over 75 years. You can tell it's run by the real Fort Lee residents, before Fort Lee was taken over by the Koreans.

They have a picnic area behind where I'm standing. Unfortunately, I failed to take a photo of it. It was a great place to enjoy Hiram's under the sun.

I got the chili cheese dog. The bun is toasted and the dogs are a pork beef blend and all deep fried in fat. This method of cooking dogs is called, "rippers." A great Jersey term.
Yes, I need to bike this week to clean out my arteries. The hot dog was nice and plump with a great snap to it. The chili was sweet and little heat to it. It could have used more cheese. Being the weird that I am, I actually made a mental note to bring an extra slice of cheese with my next time. Shut up, I know.

I just made myself hungry again looking at this photo.

My sister's hot dog in it's deep fat fried goodness. Don't hate.

They serve beer on tap as well. Too bad I was still recovering from the night before. Next time, chili cheese dog, fries, and a beer. Sounds perfect.


  1. yes, I do hate. Where's the pregnant lady's hot dog??????

  2. some freshly grated wasabi on that ripper would sure be tasty

  3. Those hot dogs look repellant and yet strangely inviting... Fried unknown meat mix topped with unknown meat chili...Mmmmmm....