Friday, May 22, 2009

Maine for Memorial Day weekend (Day 1)

Not many know this, but Maine is up there as one of my top three favorite states. My company was so kind to force us to use a personal day by giving us a four day Memorial Day weekend. I decided on a trip to Acadia National Park right outside Bar Harbor, Maine. Made some great stops on the way up and back. Unexpectedly hungover, 6 hours behind schedule (due to all things related to the hangover...), a third and unexpected friend in tow, we headed up to Maine!

First stop, The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine for fried clams and clam strips.

Fried clams. The clams were a bit smaller than I expected, but pretty good. They give you a ton, so much that it's spilling over the top. A worthy stop.

Clam strips. Personally, I'm more of a fan of the full on clams.

Right next door is the usual stop at Bartley's for blueberry pie

Lobster stew that I couldn't have, allergic. The boys said it was delicious. You can see it's packed with lobster meat! I stared while they ate.

Seriously the best blueberry pie ever!

The Bush Sr. compound is in Kennebunkpork. The Bush's love the pie at Bartley's. It's been in the White House and Air Force One. The walls were covered with signed photos of different politicians that have visited Bartley's

So awesome that they serve it in a bowl. A plate just cant contain all the awesome.

Water bottles they served us. I have no idea.

Laying in the back with my injured neck and belly fully of good food.

We made a quick stop in Portland at Gritty's. My first time in Portland, Maine. It was a quiet industrial portside town.

Around 9pm at night, we arrived at Bar Harbor Hostel! They remembered me from last season! I have no idea who Ken is.

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