Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lengua and Chorizo Tacos

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo and to satisfy a taco craving, my sister and I went to a local hole in the wall Mexico place near work called Cinco de Mayo. She's been there before and has been meaning to bring me for a few months. As soon as we walked up to the place I knew I'd love it. It was kind of dingy looking, only a long counter to sit at, and everyone in there was clearly Mexican or a laborer (aka Mexico. ha?). This was definitely not a place you would find Bergen County soccer moms or the 9-5 suits which means it's perfect for me.

Everything is made to order, fresh ingredients, and my favoriate, authentic!

Jarritos (pineapple flavor), Mexican soda that's less carbonated than soda in the US.

She made our food. I love open kitchens like this. Fun to watch!

Chorizo taco, Spanish sausage chopped up and grilled. It was perfect. A bit charred on the edges really brought out the flavor. I get this every time have authentic Mexican food. Still baffles me why they don't serve chorizo at Taco Bell. :)

Lenuga taco, lengua is means beef tongue in Spanish. This was my first time having tongue. It was braised and had a subtle flavor. It tasted like slow cooked beef or pork. The meat fell apart in my mouth. It was a bit cartilagey, but since it is braised you didn't get that snap cartilage can have at times. I'm not sure I would get it again just because I like things with a bit more flavor.

Definately a place I can't wait to go back to!

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