Monday, May 11, 2009

The Postelles and Katz's

My best friend from college, Laura took me to the Alternate Side launch party at Mercury Lounge on Houston at Allen. Great small venue that I haven't been back to since 2006 for Nada Surf. The event seemed to have been filled with DJ's, producers, media people, and music lovers like me that came as the guest.
First up were The Postelles, great semi nerd hipster band with skinny jeans and white v-neck tshirts. They were a fun band, had great energy, and reminded me of Weezer. Something you would listen to when riding a dutch bicycle or roller skating (quad not inline). I was looking forward to buying their cd, but they announced that they were only available on itunes. Too bad, sometimes it's nice to have the actual cd (not burned copy). Darn.

Here's another song their played. Unfortunately, non-acoustic songs don't record well on my camera.

Pela was the second band. They had a harder sound, but were very good as well. No pictures or video. We left a bit early and went searching for food. A few free beers down and it was still light out when we left. The sky was gorgeous, the buzz was good, and Katz's was close! Katz is a Jewish deli on the Lower East Side (LES) thats been around since 1888. They are known for their pastrami sandwiches, which are perfect when you're starving with a slight buzz. Are ya feeling me yet???

The outside of Katz's can be seen in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It's one of my fav movies with a great soundtrack.

One big dining hall. The walls are filled with pictures of famous people that have eaten here. As you enter, someone hands you a ticket. And you pay (cash only) at the door where someone stands at what looks like a ticket counter. You actually walk through a turnstile to leave. It's fun.

You give your ticket to one of these guys at the counter and they prepare you food for you. Here he is cutting up the meat for my glorious pastrami sandwich. At this point, Laura's boyfriend is asking her why I am taking photos. I explain that I'm just a weirdo and wanted to post it on my blog. This is one of the things you must put up with when eating with me. Laura just pretends she is with an Asian tourist.

Meat with mustard and sauerkraut. So huge, flavorful and tender. The mean just falls apart in your mouth when you bite into it.

They give you two different types of pickles with the sandwich. You can see a glimpse of the pickles behind the ginormous sandwich in my hand.

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  1. i love that each of your blog posts have pictures of food!!!! yummmm! ;P