Monday, May 25, 2009

Maine for Memorial Day weekend (Day 4)

I woke up to discover I had random mosquito bites around my ankles, neck, and lower back. Kind of makes sense considering we went star gazing with some beers by the carriage trails after hours at Acadia last night. Apparently, drinking after dark in a national park is illegal. The lady that sold us beers warned us. How kind of her.
So off we took to head back home with a few stops along the way.

First stop, Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine. My co-worker told me about this place when I went to Maine in October 2008. Unfortunately, they were closed for the season last time. This time around we had to hit it up. They are known for their lobster rolls which I couldn't eat. Even the lady at the counter gave me a sympathetic look for my unfortunate allergy.

The menu

I got the crab roll and fried clams. The crab roll was good, but not spectacular. Not a waste, but I won't get it again.

The fried clams were excellent! They were bigger and more flavorful than the ones from Clam Shack. I would say they are the best I've had. They were super fishy, just the way I like them. If you don't like very fishy seafood, then I wouldn't recommend them. Great, now I want some...

One of the great things about staying in hostels is all the people you meet. You share travel tips. We got the Desert of Maine in Freeport, Maine from Sarah from Cali.

The sand was super soft.

Forty acres of glacial silt. Got here from a glacier that was here back in the ice age. Glacier melted. Vegetation grew. People came and over farmed it. Raised sheep on it. Sheep kicked up the remaining top soil and under it was this glacial silt. Crazy stuff.

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