Saturday, May 9, 2009

Peter Luger's Cheeseburger

What was supposed to be a bike, food, and fun filled weekend in DC ended up being canceled due to the thunderstorms that never came through. With the forecast saying, "scattered t-storms", I just couldn't do more biking in the rain after 7 hours in the rain last weekend for Bike NY and Hoboken Art & Music Festival.

I managed to score lunch reservations at Peter Luger's to check out the killer cheeseburgers I keep hearing about.
I've been the Peter Luger's in Queens for their steak, but decided to check out the Brooklyn location this time. It is the original and I hear it is better. The BK location is bigger and there were already people waiting outside before they opened at 11:45. Strangely enough, 99% of the people having lunch were Asian, I kid you not. I guess Asians love. Anyways, while Peter Luger's has pricey steaks, their burgers are reasonably priced.

I can't figure out how to turn this photo!

I ordered the cheeseburger with their delicious bacon. The bacon was a nice thick slice of awesome. It had a nice snap on the outside and the full bacon flavor takes over your mouth with each bite. Not many know this, but I am actually a bacon connoisseur. The bacon at Peter Luger's definitely makes my top 3 best pieces of bacon I've ever tasted. Second place goes to bacon I picked up on a trip to Amish Country. Mmm... bacon... *drool*.

Cheeseburger, medium rare please. I slathered on some ketchup, Luger sauce, and raw onions and dove in. It was delicious. A bit crumbly, but that just means no bread crumb fillers were added. I housed that burger down! It was a wonderful meaty flavor. I can see why it's known as the best burger in the 5 boros. Definitely a burger I would recommend. I'll be coming back for more!

I ended the afternoon by stopping by Central Park to listen to the guitar man on The Hill. Back to chillin on my fav rock!

More videos from this day in the park can be found on my youtube channel.
I'm mentioned in Guitar Man's blog post about this day, pretty cool.

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  1. I can't believe you didn't bring your favorite pregnant lady a Luger burger!!!!! ;)